Solo gigs

I sing every day, and I have done so ever since I can remember. Singing has always been an ideal way to tap into my vivid imagination, and it activates hundreds of dream scenarios in my head. Around the age of twelve, I got my first guitar. So far I have gone through a few of them. I sing with my acoustic 'Little Martin' or my beautiful electric 'Vanilla' in hand. I dream of traveling the world to get closer to people and connect them through live music.

Music for ceremonies

  • Emotion + intention in beautiful songs,
  • For memorable ceremonies and celebrations,
  • We prepare the set list together,
  • Twenty years of experience in wedding celebrations.

Living room gigs

  • Relaxing, moving and smile-inducing entertainment,
  • A combination of personal songs and English and Dutch cover songs,
  • In living rooms, gardens, sheds, etc. for friends and family or for clients,
  • Concert settings for a minimum of thirty people.
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