I'm looking for someone who believes in me

  • Someone who is as curious as I am,
  • Someone who is focused on meaningful connections,
  • Someone who believes in the potential of each individual to make a difference,
  • Someone who believes in the connecting power of music,
  • Someone who is willing to invest half a year’s pay to allow me to freely develop my commitment on the world stage,
  • Someone who encourages me to explore my creative meanderings,
  • Someone who recognizes me as an inspiring figurehead of a positive wave,
  • Someone who has faith in my financial and social plans,
  • Someone with whom I can share a blind mutual trust,
  • Someone who speaks the same language and gets everything out in the open,
  • Someone to whom I can look up to, and who inspires me to keep evolving,
  • Someone who is willing to go into business with me, and go where the story takes us,

Are you one of the three people who are willing to invest 14.520 euros for at least two years in my business? 

Why would you do that?

  • You will be investing in the future of an award-winning impact entrepreneur who is determined to facilitate world peace. Your investment will serve as a catalyst to achieve this.
  • At each quarterly meeting, I will invite you to join me in the cockpit of my evolution as a promising world improver.
  • You will receive an invitation to all the important events in my calendar.

A patron, really?

Many years ago I decided I wanted to make the biggest possible difference. In order to realize my mission, I need to think bigger. Those who know me, know that I am forging a new reality, one that lies far beyond what we hold possible today. I apply this innovative way of thinking to all my projects, and also to my revenue model.

During my adventure, I have met thousands of people that let me take them in tow during a singing session, a talk or a collaboration. I firmly believe that at least three of those people believe so strongly in my capacities and my character that they want to be my patron. I am looking forward to build a special connection with these people, one that relies on trust and communication. A connection that does not come naturally to many, but does to me, and perhaps to you too.

Will you be my patron? Or do you want to know more?

Contact me at
Or call me on +32 472 46 46 77.